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What Do You Want with Gary Lafferty

July 11, 2022 Real Success Podcast
The REAL Success Show
What Do You Want with Gary Lafferty
Show Notes

Gary-Lafferty as an Entrepreneur, Sales Expert and World Class Speaker Gary has had the privilege of teaching and mentoring over 35,000 people on five continents over the last decade. Gary has built his personal success on a wealth creation philosophy that includes financial trading, property acquisitions and business ownership. But in all these, his passion has always been business! His client base range includes Real Estate, Banking, Automotive, Financial Services, Retail and Investments and even MLM and Brad Sugar’s International Action Business Coaches. Gary’s clients consistently score Gary above excellent as a world class presenter and trainer.

In this episode we discuss:

-        What Do You Want?

-       Burn Out Recovery

-       Passion For Selling


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