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Dealing With Burnout with Komal Minhas

June 13, 2022 Real Success Podcast Season 1 Episode 49
The REAL Success Show
Dealing With Burnout with Komal Minhas
Show Notes

Komal is the founder and CEO of Karseva, a company focused on building individual and societal resilience through training programs, media production, and investing. Komal curates powerful experiences and conversations as an interviewer, educator, investor, and champion for women globally. As an executive coach Komal supports high-impact leaders in designing an approach to life and work that ensures longevity, and systems level impact for the years ahead. Her programs focus on building the foundations of a resilient life and approach to work, alongside improving overall planning and organizational capacity. As an investor, Komal focuses on women-led businesses including Live Tinted, The Helm Co, iFundWomen, and more. Philanthropically, Komal focuses on increasing access to education and to hygienic menstrual products and facilities for girls in rural Punjab, India. Komal’s work has been featured on NBC, Forbes, and The Huffington Post among others and she has spoken at the White House, the Cannes International Film Festival, Harvard University, and more.


In this episode we discuss:


-        Dealing with Burnout 

-       Befriending Risk

-        Informed By Trauma Not Defined By It


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