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Rewrite Your Reality with Lisa J. Alton

May 23, 2022 Real Success Podcast Season 1 Episode 46
The REAL Success Show
Rewrite Your Reality with Lisa J. Alton
Show Notes

Lisa J Alton is an Author,  Entrepreneur, Wellbeing coach and one of the worlds leading business, innovation and brand strategists working with many of the globes biggest business and brands in helping them re-invent and shape their strategies for success in the future world.
A big advocate for building mental and emotional resilience, Lisa brings the worlds of business and spirituality together  not only in her own journey to success but to help people create more energy and more success.  
Featured in Entrepreneur magazine and a host of leading business platforms, she has helped shape strategies for the likes Coca-Cola, MTV, Huawei & FIFA are just a few.

In this episode we discuss:
-Rewriting Your Reality
-Listening To Your Intuition
-Defining Your Identity

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