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Unleash Your Inner Dragon with John Lee

May 16, 2022 Real Success Podcast Season 1 Episode 44
The REAL Success Show
Unleash Your Inner Dragon with John Lee
Show Notes

John Lee is the CEO and founder of Wealth Dragons and Membby, a normal life was never an option for him. Born in the U.K. to first-generation Chinese parents, John’s path in life had been laid out in front of him. To his parents, a stable job was the end goal. “They wanted me to work hard and get an education so I could find a normal job.” John shared. 

John is a world-renowned speaker and created the Wealth Dragons Group to teach asset-based wealth and passive income creation. He has shared the stage alongside greats like Sir Richard Branson and Bill Clinton, published two best-selling books, and had a successful IPO without any institutional capital. Today, John’s company has hundreds of investors, and his impact is far-reaching.

In this episode we discuss:
-The importance of mentors
-Taking action now
-Power of routine

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